Painting Window Frames

Paint the window frames and wonder how you can best tackle this? We are happy to explain it to you, so that you can work with it yourself. You can paint the frames black in this way , just like in all other possible colors.

Tip: do you want to paint a steel frame or is it aluminum? Look carefully at the surfaces where the primer and topcoat that you want to use are suitable for.

 Step By Step Instructions

You can paint the frames inside with water-based paint . The paint dries quickly, does not smell and will hardly fade. Moreover, the paint is much more environmentally friendly than turpentine-based paint. Outside you can still use it, thanks to the better resistance to the influences of the weather.

With These Handy Tips You Can Paint The Frames:

Degreasing And Removing Paint Trays

Start by degreasing the frame and remove any paint trays. Sand the damaged parts with a grain of 80 to 120. Is there already a good paint job? Then it is sufficient to degrease the frame and lightly sand with grain 220.

Repairing And Sanding

Any holes and cracks can be filled again. Use layers of 1 mm so that the filler will not sag. You can then sand the frame with a 180 grit if you want to tackle it thoroughly.

Tip: is the paintwork still pretty good? Then you can use sandpaper with a grain of 240 to 320.

Primer on the frame

Once you have removed the dust from sanding, you can apply the primer on the frame. This lays the foundation for good adhesion and coverage.

Eliminating and covering up

irregularities Eliminate irregularities. Look closely at cracks and seams that you can work away with an acrylic sealant. Tape off the windows. Tape off so that you paint a millimeter of the glass. That way you get the cleanest line for your paint job.


frames : work in two layers Finally you can paint the frames. Apply the first layer with a brush, first in the corners and along the windows. Use a narrow paint roller to re-roll the paint job. Wait until the paint is dry, sand with a fine sandpaper in grain 320 and then apply the second layer.

Plastic, aluminum and steel frames

Do you want to paint plastic, aluminum or steel frames? Choose a paint type that is specifically suitable for this. This is indicated with the paint products that you can buy online, although we are naturally happy to help you with that. Tell us what you want to paint and which product or color you are looking for, then we will explain to you what makes the best choice.